Take better care of your people, so they take better care of business.

Turnkey programs with results.

You’re busy and your people are too. There is pressure, timelines, stress, and a lot of hours spent sitting.

That’s where our corporate wellness programs come in. We offer simple, turnkey ways for you to improve the overall health (and happiness) of your employees — resulting in incredible, lasting payoffs such as decreased stress, increased energy, higher productivity, and lower attrition.

All in a quickly-deployed, fun format that your team can actually get excited about.

Our offerings include, but aren’t limited to, lunch and learns, team based wellness challenges, in-house nutrition coaching and wellness newsletters.

The 7 Best Practices For An Effective Wellness Program.

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Lunch & Learns

Treat your employees to a motivating and engaging lunch and learn series. 

We’ve been told our lunch and learns are the best a company has ever offered - the room will be full and it won’t only be the health nuts in the room; those who really need the help will want to attend too.

To incent participation, all lunch and learn attendees will receive:

  • A swag bag full of healthy goodies
  • A 1 week meal plan
  • A chance to win prizes

Our most popular Lunch & Learn topics include:

Eating For Energy

  • Energetic mornings 
  • Healthy snack ideas 
  • Avoiding the afternoon slump
  • Tips for better sleep & managing stress

Busting Stress & Boosting Happiness

  • Nutrients depleted from stress 
  • Foods for stress management 
  • Lifestyle tips to de-stress 
  • Nutrients & daily habits to boost mood

Natural Cold & Flu Prevention

  • Immune boosting foods 
  • Immune boosting supplements
  • Natural cold & flu remedies
  • Kicking the winter blues

Detox & Weight-loss 

  • Naturally detoxifying foods & nutrients
  • Real ways to lose weight, without eating less
  • Proven strategies to kick big, bad sugar
  • Metabolism boosting & slowing foods

Healthy 30 Minute Meals 

  • Delicious, easy 30 minute (or less) recipes
  • How to make your favourite recipes healthier
  • Simple tips and tricks to be more efficient in the kitchen

Optimal Gut Health

  • Natural solutions for heartburn 
  • How to identify food sensitivities and allergies
  • Easy fixes for bloating, indigestion and other digestive ailments including IBS

The average cost to replace a professional who leaves the company is $30,000.

The HEAL Wellness Challenge

Friendly competition incents positive change.

 The Wellness Challenge is an 8 week team-based program where employees are challenged to create new habits relating to nutrition, fitness or self-care (mental health). HEAL provides a portal for participants to log what they’ve done and their scores. Each week, the top individual and team wins a prize. 

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94% of participants would recommend the Wellness Challenge.

Client Praise

We just completed the Wellness Challenge at our office. The daily tips and challenges in the program were educational and motivational and encouraged everyone to focus on their own health and well-being. The competitive aspect made it fun and engaging and held people accountable to make small behaviour changes in their lives for a big impact – reduced stress, healthier eating for more energy, and committing to more exercise and fitness. These changes will last beyond the challenge definitely contributing to a more positive work environment.

Jessica Grigoriou

Unilever Canada

We brought in Mandy for a highly engaging lunch & learn and then also participated in her Wellness Challenge. The team at Google loved the challenge and have already asked if we could run it a second time this year. It was a turn-key program, with very little work on our end, that delivered lasting results. The fact that it focused on nutrition, fitness and the mental health and not just one aspect was what made the difference. We know participants were more active, felt better able to manage stress, and thought it made work more fun.

Mark Lang


We just had Mandy come in to speak with the Facebook team about how to eat for better energy.  It was such a high impact discussion.  Everyone got so much value from her knowledge and experience – and loved their swag bags!   Her advice is immediately actionable, and people were very engaged by her presentation style – Mandy is approachable, a true expert, and has a genuine way of connecting with people.  It took no effort on my end to organize the session and the delicious lunch – I would highly recommend this as an easy way to help your employees enhance their performance and overall wellness.

Alison Leung

Facebook Canada

Mandy is delivering a series of health and wellness workshops for our employees.  The first workshop “Eating for Energy” was so popular that we needed her to deliver the workshop three times to include everyone who wanted to attend!   Mandy combines her in-depth knowledge as a nutritionist with a genuine passion for health and wellness to deliver engaging, action-oriented, impactful and fun workshops. The “water cooler” conversations here are now all about watching our sugar intake, choosing a healthy snack to avoid the afternoon energy slump and “what’s in your smoothie this morning?”   The impact of Mandy’s workshops is so much more than we had anticipated. Even those who are highly in tune with their health and wellness come away with a golden nugget.

Barb Bahry

Odlum Brown

We worked with Mandy to hold a professional development workshop that would educate our staff on the impact of enhanced wellness on personal and professional performance; it was one of the most engaging sessions I've ever participated in. She leaves you feeling empowered to make adjustments in your routine for tangible results.

Laura Gilchrist


I have attended countless self-help presentations, learning fascinating facts about the impact various foods and daily exercise have on my health and well being. However, Mandy's Challenge is the first one that provided the whole package. Her engaging daily communications brought a holistic approach with inspirational challenges that made the entire process informative and fun. She provided meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and strategies for achieving a work-life balance. I'm even sleeping better.

Wayne Haveling


The 7 Best Practices For An Effective Wellness Program.

Free download.