Hi there! I’m Mandy King, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of HEAL.

How do you feel right now? If it’s not “great”, “fabulous” or “amazing”, keep reading.

You are likely insanely busy, trying to balance your family, work, social life, and well, just the simple things like making it to the gym a few days a week.

Your health sometimes gets put on the back-burner, and even if you have the sporadic health kick (or diet or juice cleanse), it’s easy to fall back off the bandwagon right after.

What’s more, is you might not even realize just how bad you feel.

I get it. Prior to entering the world of nutrition, I used to think that being tired was just how we live, something that everyone experienced. I also never thought twice about certain foods leading to bloating, indigestion and frequent trips to the washroom. I had never really reflected on how I felt. I also had no idea just how bad stress could be on my body.

Perhaps you now realize a bit more about how much food matters, but you need the accountability and support to get there. That’s what I’m here for.

While working a fast-paced corporate job at a Fortune 500 company, I spent three years battling with extreme exhaustion, severely upset stomachs (diagnosed by the doctor as ‘just IBS’), overall weakness and even depression. I was too tired to keep up with the little things in life, let alone make it to the gym or have the energy to have much of a social life.

I was told by my doctor  “It’s just something you’re going to have to live with.”  Eventually, I took a different approach to my health and looked at it from a holistic side.

That’s when everything changed.

7 Natural Boosters for All Day Energy

The key ingredients to overcome your fatigue and feel vibrant and motivated all day long.


When you start to make little tweaks to what you’re eating and daily habits you have, you start to notice big changes. Your energy improves, your stomach flattens, and your skin glows — not to mention the weight falls right off!

It’s my mission to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable so that you truly stick with it, make it a lifestyle and most importantly, get results!

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What about the corporate wellness I do?

During my time in the corporate world, I started to make little shifts in what I was eating and how I was taking care of myself. I noticed that all of a sudden I wasn’t experiencing that afternoon slump; I could concentrate better, was happier to come to work and was a more engaged employee!

I knew this was something I had to share! Given my seven years experience in the corporate world, I understand the pressure, pace and stress and real environments people work in and that a company’s employees are its biggest asset.

I’ve created corporate wellness programs for some of Canada’s top companies, including Google, Facebook, PwC and Odlum Brown.  To learn more about HEAL’s corporate wellness programs, click here.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

Our Team

Natalia Bragagnolo

Natalia is in the process of completing her studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) and will soon be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has been studying nutrition while working and travelling as a Digital Marketer for the past two and a half years.

Her decision to pursue a career as a Holistic Nutritionist came after getting some great exposure to the food industry and the natural, local food movements through a job at an Organic food company. Having had struggled with digestive issues for many years and learning to find balance with a healthy lifestyle and diet, she's extremely excited to apply her marketing background and passion for wellness to her work at HEAL.

Mandy on TV

Client praise

I’m down 5lbs after two weeks!!!! All from meal plan + 20 minutes (sometimes more) of treadmill walking per day. I feel great [...] and I know I can keep it going. Oh - and my boyfriend is in for his second week of meals, he loved it! Also, I finally have the energy levels I expected to have after my Celiac diagnosis.

Carrie Charters

Coaching Client

We worked with Mandy to hold a professional development workshop that would educate our staff on the impact of enhanced wellness on personal and professional performance; it was one of the most engaging sessions I've ever participated in. She leaves you feeling empowered to make adjustments in your routine for tangible results.


Corporate Client (PwC)

Just wanted to say how much I've appreciated your continual wealth of info on the foods we've been eating, nutrition in general. You present a lifestyle that I found in no way too intimidating to attempt, and I believe that's so important for anyone looking to make a complete overhaul in something that's such a huge part of day to day life.

Jess Peters

Coaching Client