Balance your hormones, naturally.

If you aren’t feeling like yourself, even though you’re eating well, your hormones may be out of balance. Difficulty losing weight, awful PMS, hot flashes, low libido, or just a general negative mindset. You may have tried going to your doctor only to be told that it’s just part of aging. The good news is it isn’t just aging and there is so much you can do to balance your hormones naturally.

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I was eating fairly healthily, and I wasn’t eating a lot of sugar, but I just couldn’t seem to lose that last 5-7 lbs. and my post menopause stomach pooch seemed destined to stay. By following Mandy’s advice about food choices and supplements, I was able to reach my goal weight. I may never have washboard abs, by my pooch is smaller, clothes fit better and I feel great about myself.

Jennifer Wacasey

HEAL Client

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