Low Sex Drive? 6 Simple Things You Can Do To Fix It

Like so many topics we talk about, a low sex drive is actually not your fault and not something that has to be your ‘new normal’. Instead, it’s actually a symptom of something. Most of this post is written for the ladies, however men…scroll down to the ‘magic ingredient’ section, because it works on men too!

Why You Have Low Sex Drive

Ladies, one of the reasons you may have low sex drive relates to your estrogen levels.1 I wrote about high estrogen just last week, but now it’s time to address low estrogen. In general, this is something that happens more as you age, as your estrogen decreases as you get older, and then declines drastically after menopause.

Signs and Results of Low Estrogen

  • Low libido
  • You’re simply more hungry than you used to be, and you’re not eating any less or exercising any more.
  • Your mood is just not as good as it used to be – you feel like you’re going a bit crazy
  • Infertility – you’ve been trying to conceive for 12 months or more, or if you’re over 35, for 6 months or more
  • Dryness in the vagina – lube is a necessity!
  • Extremely low body fat percentage – many of the women you see on magazines with insane 6 packs have menstrual cycle problems, which is NOT something they tell you when you’re dreaming of being them
  • Brain fog – you literally can’t concentrate properly and you’re curious why you forget everything
  • Sleepless nights and anxiety – you’re waking up in the night and a good night’s rest is few and far between
  • Bone density loss

What You Can Do

  • Eliminate coffee – it’s been proven to decrease estrogen levels
  • Eliminate gluten – studies also show there is a link to gluten sensitivity and fertility
  • Stop REALLY intense exercise – it sounds like the most counterintuitive thing, but I promise it helps
  • Supplement with Vitamin E and magnesium
  • Manage your stress – I know, you keep hearing this

And last but not least…

Add This Magic Ingredient To Your Recipes

Maca powder comes from a root that is native to Peru. It is proven in studies to help with insomnia, depression, concentration, energy, hot flashes  and vaginal dryness in addition to boosting libido. Try 1/2-1 tsp 3-4x a week and put it in your smoothie.

Maca powder tastes a bit like butterscotch, so is certainly not a bad flavour to add to a smoothie or baking!

Now, please realize that this food is only magic with the other parts of the puzzle – managing your stress, and eating well are also really important.

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