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There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable digestive problems. Perhaps your doc has told you it’s IBS, a catch-all for unexplained digestive issues or maybe you wonder if you’re even digesting your food properly. Upset stomachs, constipation, gas, GERD and feeling so bloated you feel pregnant can leave you feeling pretty awful. We have answers to the root cause of your digestive problems.

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Almost a year ago I came to Mandy with severe digestive issues. I had worked with many nutritionists in the past who provided recommendations that were ineffective or nearly impossible to implement in any normal 20-something girl’s life. Mandy was not only able to identify my root issues, but also gave me simple and actionable solutions that fit my lifestyle – and budget! One year later, these tools are still embedded in my everyday life, which is a testament to how easy and sustainable they were. Thank you, Mandy!!

Ali Dignam

HEAL Client

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