Which Fruit Is The Healthiest

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I’ve been providing healthy weight loss tips to the company I used to work at as they’re doing a “Biggest Loser” contest. One of the tips I recently wrote about was the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load, two measures that have significant impacts to your blood sugar.

The Glycemic Index (GI) measures how much sugar is in a food.

  • LOW: <55
  • MED: 56-69
  • HIGH: >70

The Glycemic Load (GL) measures how quickly the sugar in the food is absorbed into your bloodstream.

  • LOW: <10
  • MED: 11-19
  • HIGH: >20

For both measures you want the food with the lowest score, but more important is the lower Glycemic Load.

Now, when I talk about which fruit is healthiest, I’m speaking strictly from a blood sugar perspective.  I’m not factoring in what vitamins and minerals are in the fruit, however, luckily, the lower sugar fruits do tend to have high antioxidant levels.  Blood sugar regulation is extremely important for optimal energy and disease prevention, so there are merits to understanding from a blood sugar perspective, which fruits are healthiest.

Generally speaking, fruit harvested closer to the equator (think melons, pineapples, mango) tend to have a higher sugar content vs those not (berries, apples, pears). Below, the fruits highlighted in green, are the fruits that have the lowest GI and GL, and therefore spike your blood sugar the least.  When I have smoothies, or fruit as a snack, I try to choose from these fruits more often.

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