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When life gets stressful, which it inevitably will, you need a toolkit of ways to handle it so that you don’t open the freezer for that ice cream or scarf down 5 cookies without even realizing it. While there are the obvious stressors like job, finances, relationships, there are other, less known stressors like undiagnosed food sensitivities, imbalanced blood sugar and nutrient deficiencies.

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I usually tend to eat chocolate if I am bored at the office and there is some lying around. Proud to say that I haven't eaten a SINGLE PIECE of chocolate in 30 days!!!! Or any other sweets for that matter. The healthy snacks to me were KEY! I am a huge snacker, as my energy from meals tends to dwindle quickly... so having new healthy, easy to make and yummy snacks helps a lot.

Nadja Schaeur

HEAL Reader and Client

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