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While I know a thing or two about nutrition now, it wasn't always that way. I've had my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to my health, and this section is an honest journal of what I've struggled with and what's worked to heal myself.

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The guidance that Mandy gave was simply life-changing. You don’t realize how bad you are feeling until you are doing the right things for your body and you come to see that feeling the way you did wasn’t normal. I came to see Mandy after years of what seemed like completely unrelated issues with my body. In first year university I was diagnosed with IBS. When I graduated and started into the working world, I found myself tired all the time and lacking energy even after a good night’s sleep. I also experienced frequent colds and chronic ear infections that would take 3 rounds of antibiotics, a dose of steroids and 9 months to clear up. All that changed after Mandy. After six weeks of implementing the changes she suggested, my energy levels were higher, my digestion was better, and I went months without ever getting sick — all a testament to the healthy body and strong immune system I was now supporting. Everyone deserves to feel this good.”

Kayley Krupica


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