Less exhaustion and sluggishness. More energy, focus and motivation.

It’s tough to be motivated when you’re exhausted, lethargic and just want to lie on the couch you’re so tired. When your energy is off, it’s even tough to focus. Whether you wake up with fatigue, or feel barely alive by 7pm in the evening, you deserve to feel better than that. If you are already eating well, but really lacking energy, we’ll help you figure out what you’re missing.

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I first met Mandy when my office brought her in for an event. I had always considered myself a healthy person, but had started to notice that I was tired and getting stomach aches and upset stomaches all the time. I was also noticing that I had put on a bit of weight and that my skin was breaking out. Mandy provided me with a plan that worked for me, even given my hectic schedule. A few months later, my digestion is back to normal, and I no longer get the energy dips throughout the day. I still see her on a regular basis as I'm continuing to notice positive changes and I’ve recommended her to a few friends who are also extremely happy with the results!

Marissa Tam

HEAL Client

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