Join Us for the HEAL 10 Day Sugar-Free Program!

Woohoo! I'm excited to share that we are have launched a 10 Day Sugar-Free Program!

It was designed to help you overcome your cravings (to sugar, especially), feel energized and more clear-headed, sleep better and reduce bloating.

Why Join?

  • You want a quick & easy reset to boost your energy and have you feeling great
  • You struggle with bloating and suspect your digestion isn't what it should be
  • You know sugar is causing weight gain and you want to lose the extra pounds
  • You would like a bit more glow to your skin
  • Your sugar and carb cravings are out of control and you'd like to cut back on the sweets
  • You simply want some new, delicious, healthy sugar-free recipes organized into a meal plan

What's Included:

  1. A 10 day meal plan for 2 (with a vegan version) and a grocery list organized by section of the grocery store
  2. Daily goals to complete that will help you reduce your sugar intake in favour of real, nutritious and delicious foods
  3. A printable PDF for you to track all of the goals you've completed and so you can maintain accountability and stay on track
  4. A comprehensive list of food and drinks to follow and the ones to avoid while on the program
  5. Bonus recipes for when a craving hits

Click here to join now.

Price to Join: $29
Join anytime!

What Else You'll Receive:

  • Daily guidance and resources to make it easy to quit sugar for good
  • Tips from a nutrition, mindset and movement standpoint because cravings are linked to more than just your diet
  • 4 refined sugar-free snacks, 4 breakfasts and 8 main course recipes that are high protein, quick, easy and delicious so you have more energy
  • Mindfulness strategies to identify the root cause of your cravings so that you feel in control of them
  • Strategies around eating out, drinking and social events because this is about helping you find balance, not guilt!

Click here to join now.

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