The Key to Kale

The Key to Kale

I was trying to get my Dad on the kale bandwagon for ages, and failing miserably…until I discovered the secret to yummy kale: LEMONS!

The problem with kale is a lot of people are turned off by its slightly bitter taste.  The quick fix for this is lemon juice & salt.  For a full head of kale, you need the juice of approx 1 lemon.  Once you’ve washed and chopped the kale into bite size pieces, squeeze fresh lemon juice and sprinkle some sea salt (just a touch) onto the kale.  The key is to then massage the lemon juice into the leaves of the kale (with your hands!) for a good minute or two.  This gets rid of that icky bitter taste, and voila – you can enjoy this leafy green superfood, that is FULL of Vitamin A (eye health), Vitamin K (bone health), & anti-oxidants (heart health).

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